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Authenticating to a pre-configured registry

With Podman Desktop, you can authenticate to a set of pre-configured registries:

  • Red Hat Quay
  • Docker Hub
  • GitHub
  • Google Container registry


  • You have credentials on a pre-configured image registry.


  1. Go to Settings > Registries.

  2. On your registry line, click Configure.

    1. User name: Enter your user name.
    2. Password: Enter your password or OAuth secret.
    3. Click Login.

    Authenticating to a preconfigured registry


  1. Go to Images.
  2. You can pull a private image from the registry.
  3. You can push an image to the registry:
    1. Build an image with the fully qualified name required for your registry, such as,,, or my-registry.tld/my-repository/my-image.
    2. On your image line, click .
    3. The contextual menu has a Push Image entry.