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Pushing an image to your local Minikube-powered Kubernetes cluster

With Podman Desktop, you can push an image to your local Minikube-powered Kubernetes cluster.



  1. Open Podman Desktop dashboard > Images.
  2. Search images: <your_image>:<your_tag>.
  3. Click > Push image to Minikube cluster.
  4. If you created many Minikube clusters, select your Minikube cluster from the list.


Minikube enables you to list loaded images, using:

$ minikube image list

You can also create a Pod that uses the loaded image:

  1. Create a verify_my_image.yaml Kubernetes YAML file on your workstation. Replace the placeholders:

    • Pod name and container name value must consist of lower case alphanumeric characters, '-' or '.', and must start and end with an alphanumeric character.
    • Container image value is the image you pushed.
    apiVersion: v1
    kind: Pod
    name: <verify-my-image>
    - name: <my-image>
    image: <my_image>:<my_tag>
    imagePullPolicy: Never
  2. Open Pods > Play Kubernetes YAML.

    1. Kubernetes YAML file: select your verify_my_image.yaml file.
    2. Select Runtime: Using a Kubernetes cluster.
    3. Click Play.
    4. Click Done
  3. Open Pods.

  4. Search pods: <verify-my-image>.

  5. The pod Status is Running.