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Using Podman Desktop behind a proxy on macOS and Windows

You can configure Podman Desktop to run behind a proxy.

The configuration applies to:

  • Processes that Podman Desktop started, such as downloading Podman, Compose, or Kind installers.
  • Podman engine.

The configuration does not apply to:

  • Your Podman containers.
  • Command line tools that Podman Desktop did not start.



  1. Go to Settings > Proxy, and set your proxy URL:

    1. Proxy configuration enabled: yes
    2. Web Proxy (HTTP): <your.proxy.tld:port>
    3. Secure Web Proxy (HTTPS): <your.proxy.tld:port>
    4. Click the Update button
  2. Go to Settings > Resources and restart the Podman machine.


  1. You can install extensions such as:

  2. Podman can pull images.

    1. Go to Images.
    2. Click Pull an image.
    3. Image to Pull: bash
    4. Click Pull image.
    5. Podman Desktop reports Download complete.

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