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Using a proxy in your containers on macOS and Windows

You can configure your Podman machine to use a proxy for your containers.


  • <your.proxy.tld:port>: Your proxy URL.


  1. Open a shell prompt on the Podman machine:

    $ podman machine ssh
  2. Edit the containers.conf file to pass the proxy environment variables to Podman CLI.

    The file location depends on your connection mode:

    • rootless: $HOME/.config/containers/containers.conf

    • rootful: /etc/containers/containers.conf

  3. Set the proxy environment variables to pass into the containers:

    http_proxy = true
    env = ["http_proxy=<your.proxy.tld:port>", "https_proxy=<your.proxy.tld:port>"]
  4. Go to Settings > Resources and restart the Podman machine.