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Using Podman Desktop behind a proxy requiring custom Certificate Authorities (CA) on macOS and Windows

You can configure Podman Desktop to run behind a proxy requiring custom Certificate Authorities (CA), such as self-signed certificates. The configuration applies to the Podman engine, but not to your containers.


  • Your proxy URL: <your.proxy.tld:port>
  • Your proxy Certificate Authorities (CA) is stored in your home directory, in the proxy_ca.pem file, in Privacy-Enhanced Mail (PEM) format.


  1. Go to Settings > Proxy, and set your proxy URL:

    1. Proxy configuration enabled: yes
    2. Web Proxy (HTTP): <your.proxy.tld:port>
    3. Secure Web Proxy (HTTPS): <your.proxy.tld:port>
    4. Click the Update button
  2. Copy the certificate to the Podman machine:

    $ cat proxy_ca.pem | podman machine ssh podman-machine-default "cat > proxy_ca.pem"
  3. Open a shell prompt on the Podman machine:

    $ podman machine ssh podman-machine-default
  4. Add the custom Certificate Authorities (CA) for your proxy:

    $ sudo cp proxy_ca.pem /etc/pki/ca-trust/source/anchors/
    $ sudo update-ca-trust
  5. Go to Settings > Resources and restart the Podman machine.


  1. Go to Images.
  2. Click Pull an image.
  3. Image to Pull: bash
  4. Click Pull image.
  5. Podman Desktop reports Download complete.