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Run Large Language Models locally with Podman AI Lab

Podman AI Lab is the easiest way to work with Large Language Models (LLMs) on your local developer workstation. Find a catalog of recipes, leverage a curated list of open source models, experiment and compare the models. Get ahead of the curve and take your development to new heights wth Podman AI Lab!

Recipes Catalog
Collection of pre-built solutions for various AI use cases and problem domains. Each recipe includes detailed explanations and sample applications that can be run using different large language models (LLMs). Get inspired by use cases and learn how to integrate AI in an optimal way. Recipes are kubernetes ready.
Models Catalog
Curated list of open source large language models available out of the box. Check license and required resources. Import your own models.
Model Serving
Run models locally with an inference server. Get OpenAI compatible endpoints, use code snippets and start integrating AI in your application.
Playground Environments
Experiment with large language models with a dedicated UI. Configure the models settings, system prompts to test and validate your prompt workflows. Compare behavior of different models.