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Containers and Kubernetes for application developers

Podman Desktop is an open source graphical tool enabling you to seamlessly work with containers and Kubernetes from your local environment.

Podman Desktop home page

Available on Windows, Mac and Linux

Use the same UI across different operating systems


Build, run and manage containers.


Get a terminal in your container

Inspect logs


Push images to OCI registries

Deploy & Test images on Kubernetes


Work with Pods and Kubernetes

Working with pods

Create Pods from existing containers

Create, start, inspect and manage pods

Working with Kubernetes

Play Kubernetes YAML directly with Podman Engine

Generate Kubernetes YAML from pods

Deploy to existing Kubernetes environments

Running Kubernetes on your workstation with Kind and Podman


Multiple configuration options

Resources Utilization

Configure CPU/Memory/Disk of Podman machines.


Bring new features with Podman Desktop plug-ins or Docker Desktop Extensions.

  • Container engines are plugged through extension points
  • JavaScript extensions can contribute new behaviour
  • Reuse existing extensions such as Trivy and OpenShift directly in Podman Desktop

Current Podman Desktop plugins: Podman, Docker, Lima, Kubernetes, and OpenShift Local with the Podman preset.

Reuse Docker Desktop extensionsReuse Docker Desktop extensions


Install and keep up to date Podman

Install Podman and other dependencies directly from Podman Desktop if not yet installed.

Check for updates and get notified about new changes.

Available on Windows and macOS!