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Here, find some answers to the question : I have downloaded Podman Desktop but I am unable to see any of my image or container


System Requirements

The tool connects to Podman using the socket on the host on macOS and on a named pipe on Windows. This is available only on podman 4.0.2+ So, please check your version and update.

On Windows, the named pipe is //./pipe/docker_engine when Docker Desktop is not installed. It will be solved by / During that time, you may start Docker Desktop so the named pipe is the one expected.

Check connection

Check at least a podman machine is running on Windows & macOS:

podman machine list

And check a connection can be made with the CLI

$ podman run
!... Hello Podman World ...!

/ - - \
/ (O) (O) \
~~~| -=(,Y,)=- |
.---. /` \ |~~
~/ o o \~~~~.----. ~~
| =(X)= |~ / (O (O) \
~~~~~~~ ~| =(Y_)=- |
~~~~ ~~~| U |~~

Twitter: @Podman_io

Fixing corrupted Podman Machine in Windows

If at all you are not able to stop your Podman Machine, you will find such an error in the Logs- Error: Error stopping sysd: exit status 1

It is highly unlikely that you may be stuck in such a situation but if you are, here's a quick fix for it.

Assuming the name of the Podman Machine to be my-machine, run the following commands in the terminal:

wsl --list

This shall display a list of active distributions i.e. my-machine in this case.


wsl --unregister my-machine

(Replacing my-machine with the name that is displayed under wsl --list for your Podman Machine)

This will stop the Podman Machine for you.

Code Ready Containers

  • Check that podman preset is defined. (crc config get preset)
  • Check that crc binary is available in the user PATH (/usr/local/bin/crc)
  • Check that crc setup --check-only is running without errors.