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If you cannot find your issue here or in the documentation, please fill an issue on our repository. You can also explore the discussions and do a search on similar issues on the repository.

Using the Troubleshooting page

Podman Desktop has a Troubleshooting page to help identify and fix most common errors.


  1. To open the Troubleshooting page, click the icon.

  2. To test the connection to the container engine, click the Ping button.

    Expect a reply such as: Responded: 79,75 (9.10ms).

  3. To test Click the Check containers button.

    Expect a reply such as: Responded: 16 containers (108.70ms).

  4. When connection to the container engine failed, to recreate connections to the sockets, click the Reconnect providers button.

    Expect a reply such as: Done in (5.00ms).

  5. Search for errors in the Logs section.

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