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· 10 min read
Stevan Le Meur

This release note covers Podman Desktop 0.11 release changes.

  • Air-Gapped Installation: New all-in-one binaries for air-gapped installation.
  • Feedback: Submit feedback directly from Podman Desktop.
  • Docker Compatibility Mode: Information about the Docker compatibility mode.
  • Proxy Setting: Toggle on/off the proxy setting.
  • Deploy to Kubernetes: Select the namespace to deploy to Kubernetes.
  • Registry Configuration: Simplified registry configuration for well known registries.
  • UX/UI Improvements: View pod's container logs, better visual feedback, configurable editor font size, and more.

Podman Desktop 0.11 is now available. Click here to download it!

· 5 min read
Dev Kumar

This release note covers Podman Desktop 0.10 release changes.

  • Containers Configuration: Container creation wizzard allowing to define environment variables, networking and more configuration options.
  • Kubernetes Improvements: Play Kubernetes YAML, custom Kubeconfig path support, reload of kube context.
  • Registries Configuration: Revamped registries configuration UI.
  • Podman Version: Podman 4.3.1 now included in Windows and Mac installers.
  • UX/UI Improvements: Improved lists, better contrast, and more.

Podman Desktop 0.10 is now available. Click here to download it!