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· 8 min read
Florent Benoit

As developers we constantly improve and refine our applications. One of the challenges we face is quickly iterating when working with container images and kubernetes deployments/pods.

For example, when we want to try a new image in a kubernetes pod, this image needs to be available on a private/public registry or on the nodes of the kubernetes cluster. Sometimes we need to call extra commands such as kind load docker-image or minikube cache add <image> or publish the image first to a 3rd party registry.

You'll agree that trying out a new image in a Kubernetes pod should be as seamless as building the image itself.

In this blog post, we will explore the best practice for streamlining the image iteration process in Kubernetes with Podman Desktop.


· 9 min read
Máirín Duffy

Podman Desktop 1.5 Release! 🎉

With this release of Podman Desktop, we're introducing a new onboarding feature that we hope will earn your 🦭 seal of approval! But wait... there's so much more!

  • Onboarding: Guided setup and configuration of Podman and Compose
  • Podman 4.7.2: Podman 4.7.2 is now included in Windows and Mac installers
  • Command Palette: Gain easy access to various commands via a new keyboard-driven command palette
  • Expanded "Summary" tab for Kubernetes pods: Go deep with extended details on Kubernetes pods in the pod "Summary" tab
  • Environment file support: Chart out environment variables for new containers to access on creation
  • Enhancements to the Settings area: Get your bearings with improved Docker compatibility mode controls
  • Improved user experience for state changes: No more dead reckoning on container state with improved visual indication of status
  • Extension API improvements: A boatload of improvements to the extension API enabling more goodness from 🦭 Podman Desktop's extensions

Podman Desktop 1.5 is now available. Click here to download it!


Release Details


We are introducing a new feature providing guided flows for the initial setup of specific 🦭 Podman Desktop extensions. Release 1.5 features two new onboarding flows: Podman and Compose.

To start the Podman onboarding flow, you can start from the dashboard notification by clicking the "Set up" button: podman-onboarding-start podman-onboarding

Visit Settings > Resources screen and click the Compose "Setup ..." button in order to start Compose onboarding: compose-onboarding-start compose-onboarding

Command Palette

A new, search-driven command palette is now available to enable quick access to various commands available across 🦭 Podman Desktop. You can try this new tool out by hitting the F1 key. #4081 && #3979

Expanded "Summary" tab for Kubernetes pods

Kubernetes pods now offer a more comprehensive set of information under the "Summary" tab, including networking, volumes, environment variables, and other key metadata.

Environment file support

When creating a container from the Images list, there's now an option to provide an environment file to set env variables for the new container. #4026 && #4025

Enhancements to the Settings area

The user experience for enabling or disabling Docker compatibility is improved, with a new entry in the Settings > Preferences screen that includes contextual guidance. #4093

Improved user experience for state changes

The user experience around state changes for containers, pods, and other objects in the UI is improved, with clear status messages and improved animated visual indicator of state changes. #4056

Extension API improvements

The 🦭 Podman Desktop extension API received many improvements, including:

  • In addition to pushing and listing image from an extension, it's now possible to pull images from a 🦭 Podman Desktop extension #4155

  • The 🦭 Podman Desktop extension API has been enhanced with both the ability to list images & networks and the ability to create containers & networks. #4172

  • 🦭 Podman Desktop extensions now have a consistent way to run administrative tasks. #4049

  • Extensions now have the ability to register a custom Kubernetes config generator. #3970

  • The ability of extensions to add commands to UI menus has been extended; previously for action menus it was only available in the Image list screen. It is now possible for extensions to add commands to the action menus of items listed on the Containers list screen as well. #3947 & #3963

  • Extensions have gained the ability to contribute menu items in the UI based on specific conditions. #3959

  • Enhanced logic for displaying or hiding properties listed under the Settings > Preferences screens is now available. #4159

Other Notable Enhancements

  • The progress of loading an image into Kind is now visible as a task in the task manager. #4061


  • It's now possible to start a new Podman machine right after creation, or you can create it and wait to start it later. It's up to you! #4046


  • The Podman machine and Kubernetes provider creation forms have an updated look & feel consisted with other forms in the user interface, along with minor bug fixes. #4317

Updated provider creation forms

  • The empty screen message shown when a search filter results in no matches now provides a message specific to filter matching, including the specific filter terms and an explicit button for clearing the filter. Previously, the screen displayed a generic message about how to create new objects of the type displayed on the screen, which led to some confusion about the status of the system. #3988
  • New support for adding spin animations to icons is now available. #4188

  • There is a new indeterminate progress bar type available for the task manager; this is meant for providing limited status for actions whose APIs do not provide detailed status information. #4016

  • For authenticating as admin to perform administrative tasks, 🦭 Podman Desktop now provides touchID support for macOS. #4050


  • Support for connecting to interactive terminals for containers via tty was added. #3900

  • It's now more clear which container/pod providers will autostart when 🦭 Podman Desktop starts. Previously autostart had both a global and a per-provider setting. It has been simplified by removing the global setting. #3840

  • The "Working with containers" section of the documentation has been reworked and improved. #3951

Notable Bug Fixes

  • The disable registry command was not blocking subsequent pulls from disabled registries. This has been corrected. #4183

  • Some users behind network proxies were unable to complete workflow involving the download of online resources. The mechanism for fetching these resources has been fixed to be proxy compatible to address this issue. #3994

  • The status of pods running in Kubernetes that are undergoing the deletion process is now accurately reflected in the 🦭 Podman Desktop UI. #3877

  • The image details page always listed the image as being "not used" even when it was. This has been corrected. #3985

  • Previously, deleting a specific image tag would cause all tags with the same Image ID to be deleted. This has been fixed so only the selected image tag will be deleted. #3837

  • Could not view the pod details for some remote Kubernetes cluster pods due to an encoding error. #4371

  • Error logs were being tracked separately from the actions they applied to. This has been addressed for kind cluster creation failure #4427 and Compose installation failure #4407.

  • For Linux users, 🦭 Podman Desktop previously did not appear under the "Development" menu when installed via Flatpak; it appeared under "Utilities." 🦭 Podman Desktop now appears under the "Development" menu. #3911

  • Podman Machine names are no longer prefixed with the "Podman Machine" string. #3878


  • The initial action state of pods and containers was being displayed as "STARTING" regardless of actual state; this has been corrected. #3889

  • Resizing the application window no longer makes the last lines of a container's terminal invisible. #3993

  • An issue with incorrect terminal behavior in response to long lines in the terminal attached to a container has been resolved. #3955

  • A spacing issue on the run image form has been corrected. [#4089]

  • The "podify" icon & button on the Containers list was unusually large in release 1.4. That regression has been corrected in this release. #4122

  • An error in the instructions for Windows users on migrating from Docker has been corrected. #4157

Community Thank You

🎉 We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who helped to make 🦭 Podman Desktop even better. In this release we received pull requests from the following people:

Final notes

Known Issues

We have a discussion board topic where we have posted known issues with this release. If you run into problems, please check this list before filing a bug - if we already have an issue open for it, it saves you the time and trouble of filing, and there may be a workaround posted in the issue.

Known Issues: Podman Desktop 1.5.2

Fixed Issues

The complete list of issues fixed in this release is available here.

Where to Download

Get the latest release from the Downloads section of the website and boost your development journey with Podman Desktop. Additionally, visit the GitHub repository and see how you can help us make Podman Desktop better.

· 4 min read
Jeff Maury

Podman Desktop 1.4 Release! 🎉

This is essentially a bug-fix release to fix various issues in UI, but as usual we also added a few new features.

  • Podman 4.6.2: Podman 4.6.2 included with Podman Desktop 1.4
  • Windows Arm64: Native Windows on Arm64 installers and binaries
  • Port range mapping: Start containers and map a range of ports
  • Terminal UX Improvement: Persistent terminal sessions when SSH'ing in a container
  • Volume Creation: Create volume from the Volumes page
  • Bash support: Terminals are now using bash if available.

Podman Desktop 1.4 is now available. Click here to download it!


Release Details

Port range mapping #3654

When starting a new container, you can now map a port range between host and container. If the range is not valid between host and container, an error is raised.

Range mapping

Terminal lifetime #3725

When a terminal is opened for a container, it can now be reused after you switched to another part of the Podman Desktop UI.

terminal lifetime

Create volume #3742

The Volumes tab now has a Create volume button. The Create volume UI has a single field for the volume name.

create volume

bash support #3750

When a terminal is opened for a container, if bash is available within the container, it will be used. Otherwise, sh will be used.

bash sh

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Reduce API calls when listing containers by @benoitf #3489
  • Removing a connection(podman machine) should redirect to previous page by @benoitf #3576
  • Enhance error message when image is not there by @benoitf #3587
  • Dispose kind install button when extension is deactivated (#3586) by @lstocchi #3610
  • Replace backslash/slash on windows when building image (#3465) by @lstocchi #3618
  • Handle null value in container command (#3620) by @lstocchi #3625
  • Add maximum activation time for extensions by @benoitf #3446
  • Handle single non-spread arguments by @benoitf #3641
  • Grab usage data of volumes only on-demand by @benoitf #3635
  • Add arm64 binaries for Windows by @benoitf #3643
  • Include right airgap file for Windows and arm64 by @benoitf #3651
  • Redirect to previous page when removing a kubernetes connection by @benoitf #3650
  • Support port ranges when starting a container (#3204) by @lstocchi #3654
  • Add a strict undefined check to messagebox result (#3692) by @lstocchi #3699
  • Only restart if a machine is running by @cdrage #3491
  • Session to the terminal is reused by @benoitf #3725
  • Disable next button and show try again when onboarding failed (#3616) by @lstocchi #3711
  • Add podman in PATH after updating process environment PATH (#3729) by @lstocchi #3730
  • Allow to create a volume by @benoitf #3742
  • Using bash if available otherwise sh in terminal by @axel7083 #3750
  • Allow to embed existing component to onboarding (#3755) by @lstocchi #3763
  • Some containers never return logs, do not wait for them by @dgolovin #3784
  • Remove cancel button when on final onboarding step (#3771) by @lstocchi #3802
  • Onboarding add link micromark for commands by @cdrage #3747
  • Mounts can be null when using older podman by @afbjorklund #3806
  • Remove redundant step completion check when onboarding gets started by @lstocchi #3798
  • Ability to click enter in pull image name input by @deboer-tim #3850
  • Set proxy environment variable when launching process by @jeffmaury #3838
  • The socket location was moved for new podman by @afbjorklund #3853
  • Don't log console errors when activating lima extension by @afbjorklund #3852

Community Thank You

🎉 We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who helped to make Podman Desktop even better.

A warm welcome to @tomgoren, @Julian, @Gelob and @cedricclyburn who made their first contribution to the project in this release.

Final Notes

The complete list of issues fixed in this release is available here.

Get the latest release from the Downloads section of the website and boost your development journey with Podman Desktop. Additionally, visit the GitHub repository and see how you can help us make Podman Desktop better.

· 6 min read
Denis Golovin

Podman Desktop 1.3 Release! 🎉

This is essentially a bug-fix release to fix various issues in UI, extension engine and featured extensions, but as usual we also added a few new features.

  • Podman 4.6.1: Podman 4.6.1 included in Windows and Mac installers
  • Podman user-mode networking support to Windows/WSL: A new switch `User mode networking' is available when creating Podman machine on Windows for Podman 4.6.0+ to configure podman to work in certain VPN setups and other specialized networking configurations
  • Compose group new UI elements: You can now see summary, inspect, deploy to kubernetes, generate kube yaml and view logs
  • Extension packs and extension dependencies: Install group of extensions in one click
  • Resource details page update: See summary and log for resource
  • Create Kind cluster form update: A new Node's container image field can be used to specify the Kubernetes version used for the control-planed
  • Support Docker Desktop extensions using a backend: When loading Docker Desktop extension the containers are created in the backend as described in the vm section of extension's descriptor
  • Podman Initial Onboarding (preview): Install and configure podman using included installer

Podman Desktop 1.3 is now available. Click here to download it!


Release Details

Compose group Logs tab #3176

When clicking on the group of containers, you can now view the logs of the entire group of compose containers and don't need to open log for every component individually.

Screenshot 2023-07-11 at 12 48 47 PM

Podman user-mode networking support to Windows/WSL #3251

Certain VPN setups or other specialized networking configs will block traffic from the virtual WSL networking device, resulting in the podman WSL backend from being unable to contact systems on the VPN, and potentially losing internet access altogether. The new switch allows you to create a podman VM machine configured to work correctly in mentioned above networking environments.


Compose group Summary tab #3317,

Compose group Summary tab shows all containers in the group and let you navigate to Details page for specific container.

Compose group Inspect tab #3316

Compose group Inspect tab shows an array of "container inspect" from docker / podman.

Deploy to kubernetes in compose actions #3299

A button to deploy to kubernetes added to Compose group.

Generate Kube in Compose actions and Kube tab in compose details #3253

Generate Kube item added to Compose actions and "Kube" tab is now available in Compose details view.

Install multiple extensions using extension pack #3150

An Extension pack introduced in Extension engine is a way to declare set of extensions to install them all at once.

Customize icons from extension #3131

Extensions now can customize icons for list elements using when clause.


Resource details page update #1923

If you click on the arrow icon next to a resource name it will open up a details page (similarly to how clicking on a container in the container list opens up a details page).


Node's container image field added to Create a Kind cluster form #3508

The new Node's container image field can be used to specify the Kubernetes version used for the control-planed.


Support Docker Desktop extensions using a backend #3435

Podman Desktop now loads the containers in the backend as described in the vm section of extension descriptor the same way as Docker Desktop does.

Initial onboarding implementation for podman (experimental) #3308

This is the initial implementation for the onboarding feature. It only covers a simple onboarding for podman. Check system requirements -> install podman -> yay! Done!

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Updating videos to be adaptive for mobile by @mairin #3229
  • Consistent max width and padding in settings by @deboer-tim #3232
  • Settings navigation bar resizing by @deboer-tim in #3231
  • Move new registry button to header by @deboer-tim #3245
  • Bigger lima logo by @afbjorklund #3248
  • Horizontal docker logo by @afbjorklund #3236
  • Respect LIMA_HOME environment variable by @afbjorklund #3254
  • Add check before writing to terminal by @lstocchi #3263
  • Wait until remote side has fully initialized the extensions by @benoitf #3257
  • Fix loader not centered horizontally by @benoitf #3270
  • Troubleshooting still waiting after failure by @deboer-tim #3354
  • Store error for build by @cdrage #3365
  • Missing checkbox tooltips by @deboer-tim #3380
  • Load compose logs async not await by @cdrage #3377
  • Set rootful connection when starting rootful machine by @lstocchi #3364
  • Default last page by @deboer-tim #3388
  • Avoid dashboard displaying providers starting while they don't by @benoitf #3451
  • Do not use extensionInfo until it is defined by @benoitf #V
  • Allow BASIC authentication (all caps) by @cdrage #3471
  • Allow single domain registry such as localhost:5000 by @cdrage #3468
  • Create /usr/local/bin directory if it does not exist on binary install by @cdrage #3425
  • Only delete selected pods by @deboer-tim #
  • Add back 'Done' text on the button by @benoitf #3487
  • Do not wait for more than 5s when checking for podman ping by @benoitf #3497
  • Add proxy support for extension using patching get and request approach by @dgolovin #2825
  • Refresh component when field is updated by @benoitf #3525
  • Higher-res icons for featured extensions list by @mairin #3511
  • Main nav selection by @deboer-tim #3510
  • kube event error when switching context by @jeffmaury #3494
  • Reset error message each time we pull image by @benoitf #3550

Community Thank You

🎉 We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who helped to make Podman Desktop even better.

A warm welcome to @rostalan and @axel7083 who made their first contribution to the project in this release.

Final Notes

The complete list of issues fixed in this release is available here.

Get the latest release from the Downloads section of the website and boost your development journey with Podman Desktop. Additionally, visit the GitHub repository and see how you can help us make Podman Desktop better.

· 7 min read
Charlie Drage

Podman Desktop 1.2 Release! 🎉

We're excited to announce the release of Podman Desktop version 1.2.0! This release includes many new features (Kubernetes, Compose and extension support!), bug fixes, and improvements to enhance your container management experience. Here's a summary of the key changes in this release:

  • Added start/stop/delete/restart buttons for Compose: You can now make changes to an entire Compose group of containers
  • Kubernetes context on the status bar: Choose from multiple Kubernetes contexts more easily all from the status bar
  • Rename images: Rename an image with a click of a button
  • Protocol handler support: Added support for protocol handlers such as open podman-desktop:extension/redhat.openshift-local
  • Troubleshooting page: A troubleshooting page for helping diagnose Podman Desktop related development issues

Podman Desktop 1.2 is now available. Click here to download it!


Release Details

Added start/stop/delete/restart buttons for Compose

In the last month we've been addind support for more Compose features. Before you were only able to control a group of containers if they were in a Pod. Now we have added the ability to control a group of Compose containers. You can now start, stop, delete and restart a group of containers launched by either docker-compose or podman-compose.

Stay tuned as we add even more features to Compose! If you have any feedback or feature requests, feel free to open an issue or start a discussion on GitHub.

Kubernetes context on the status bar

With Kubernetes context on the status bar, you can switch from one context to another in just a couple of clicks. Easily switch to a different cluster all together. If there are multiple contexts available, you can now click and pick which one to use.

Rename images

Deployed an image but now you need to rename it / add a new tag? Podman Desktop allows you to edit an image now. Thanks to an awesome contributor @tuckerrc who added the new feature.

Troubleshooting page

Developing an extension for Podman Desktop? Want to view the logs of Podman Desktop as well as ping your container connection? We now have a troubleshooting page!

Click on the lightbulb button on the bottom right to access the page.

Protocol handler support

Podman Desktop now supports protocol handling when using the terminal! Want to access your favourite extension directly from a script or the terminal? If you type in open podman-desktop:extension/redhat.openshift-local in the terminal, Podman Desktop will automatically load up to the correct extension.

Other Notable Features

  • Background colors and FormPage (PR #2977)
  • Add ability to add insecure registry / skipping cert verify (PR #2896)
  • Add support for icon contribution (PR #2984)
  • Add warning dialog message that virtual machine has low memory limit (PR #2822)
  • Propose indexed name for new pod (PR #3028)
  • Add restart button after enabling / disabling mac os compatibility (PR #2841)
  • Add environment related helper constants (PR #3079)
  • Allow entrypoint and cmd when starting container (PR #3031)
  • Add a way to debug stores in troubleshooting page (PR #3121)
  • Add custompick component (#2855) (PR #3012)
  • Dynamic breadcrumbs (PR #3119)
  • Icons on form pages (PR #3155)
  • Switch more pages to formpage (PR #3162)
  • Add rename image button (PR #2588)
  • Fixed headers, improved scrollbars (PR #2863)
  • Reports warnings on failed kube deploy, fixes error out (PR #3050)
  • Kube context on statusbar (PR #2755)
  • Install provider if not installed when clicking on create new button (#2706) (PR #2817)
  • Add tag and authenticated push capacity to the extension API (PR #2876)
  • Add navigation bar e2e tests (PR #2950)

Documentation Updates

  • Fix documentation for building image of extensions (PR #2873)
  • Add Minikube install docs (PR #2824)
  • Add Minikube documentation (PR #2694)
  • Updated Building an image procedure (PR #2964)
  • Starting a container (PR #2958)
  • Pulling an image (PR #2956)
  • Updated selecting containers to run in a pod (PR #2970)
  • Pushing an image to a registry (PR #2969)
  • How to add an insecure registry (PR #2953)
  • Add documentation for lima (PR #2995)
  • Replace broken link to (PR #2994)
  • Authenticating to a pre-configured registry (PR #2965)
  • Lima is not a container engine (PR #3051)
  • Using the Troubleshooting page (PR #3083)
  • View and select your current Kubernetes context in the status bar (PR #3090)

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Deleting a running pod generates an error (PR #2827)
  • If kubeconfig is empty, does not try to do things, cancel (PR #2874)
  • Async telemetry startup (PR #2885)
  • Do not block startup while waiting for kube resource refresh (PR #2884)
  • Images list too wide (PR #2918)
  • Compose deactivate function never called (PR #2922)
  • Auto-scrolling on form pages, layout issues (PR #2927)
  • Show current context in quick pick (PR #2920)
  • Remove sticky position of loader in dashboard UI (#2535) (PR #2959)
  • Undo change that broke the website (PR #2992)
  • Detailspage, resizing & consistency (PR #2987)
  • Quick pick click to close and over nav bar (PR #2758)
  • Only show empty screen when no pods (PR #2929)
  • Do not redirect to /pods when deleting pod in containerlist (PR #2963)
  • Bulk delete on pods should call the pod deletion (PR #2979)
  • Update nodejs version to 18 in .nvmrc to fix yarn install failure (PR #2989)
  • Website check targets (PR #2996)
  • Don't show exception to user (PR #3034)
  • Interpret arguments given to info command for example (PR #3015)
  • Change defaults for Podman machine (PR #3061)
  • Normalize development/production folders path (PR #3113)
  • Calculate machine socket path for linux (PR #3070)
  • Replace backslash with slash so to support rendering on Windows (#3120) (PR #3122)
  • Keep stdout and stderr in the error object for Docker Desktop extensions (PR #3014)
  • Mark task completed if there's a failure (PR #3016)
  • Handle invalid kubeconfig file (PR #3129)
  • Do not remove registries when podman extension is stopping (PR #3136)
  • Warning should be amber (PR #3153)
  • Load user extensions from plugins as removable (PR #3152)
  • Images with spaces in entrypoints or commands fail to start (PR #3161)
  • Scrolling offscreen when clicking checkbox (PR #3178)
  • Avoid messagebox expanding offscreen (PR #2778)
  • Release-notes-generator run failure (PR #2752)
  • Unable to do a new build if the previous one failed (PR #2721)

Community Thank You

🎉 We’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who helped to make Podman Desktop even better.

A big shoutout to @afbjorklund, @tuckerrc and @evanshortiss who contributed to this release!

Final notes

The complete list of issues fixed in this release is available here and here.

Get the latest release from the Downloads section of the website and boost your development journey with Podman Desktop. Additionally, visit the GitHub repository and see how you can help us make Podman Desktop better.

· 3 min read
Tim deBoer

Podman Desktop 1.1 Release! 🎉

This is primarily a bug-fix release to fix a few important issues, but we've managed to squeeze in a few enhancements along the way.

  • Podman 4.5.1: Podman 4.5.1 now included in Windows and Mac installers.
  • Extensions: Update extensions from within Podman Desktop.
  • Lima Support: Choose engine type and override its name from the settings.
  • UX and UI Improvements: New loading screen.

Podman Desktop 1.1 is now available. Click here to download it!


· 5 min read
Tim deBoer

Podman Desktop 1.0 Release! 🎉

We still have many things planned, but with a little polish and a few more bug fixes we felt we've reached a level of maturity and it is now time to declare our 1.0 release.

Thank you to everyone who has been with us on this journey so far! Please keep the feedback coming!

  • Highlighting Featured Extensions: Easily find and install new extensions.
  • Featured Extensions: Two new extensions supporting OpenShift.
  • Podman Machine as Root: Ability to run a Podman machine as root.
  • UX and UI Improvements: Opening external websites, editing numbers, and tooltips.

Podman Desktop 1.0 is now available. Click here to download it!


· 4 min read
Tim deBoer

Podman Desktop 0.15 - Cleanliness is next to Podliness!

It has only been two weeks since our last release, but we really wanted to complete a few scenarios, fix a few bugs, and show off several design updates and UI improvements that we have been working on.

  • Podman Version: Podman 4.5 now included in Windows and Mac installers.
  • Kind Ingress: Creating an ingress to expose services outside the Kind cluster.
  • Podliness: Ability to choose external ports when podifying containers.
  • Cleanliness: New navigation bar, dialog, and palette update.
  • UX and UI Improvements: Markdown support for extensions.

Podman Desktop 0.15 is now available. Click here to download it!


· 9 min read
Fabrice Flore-Thebault

In this blog post you will learn to use Podman Desktop to run the Kubernetes documentation example: Deploying PHP Guestbook application with Redis.

On the agenda:

  1. Installing Podman Desktop.
  2. Installing and initializing your container engine: Podman.
  3. Installing and starting your local Kubernetes provider: Kind.
  4. Starting the Redis leader.
  5. Starting and scaling the Redis followers.
  6. Starting and exposing the Guestbook frontend.

· 5 min read
Tim deBoer

Podman Desktop 0.14 - Our Kind-est release yet!

We have been working on a Kind extension for a while now, and decided it is time to promote it into a release just in time for KubeCon and CloudNativeCon Europe!

We're especially excited about releasing Kind because it finally shows the full purpose of Podman Desktop: not just local container engines, but Kubernetes too. More importantly, providing tools that allow you to manage both environments and seamlessly move between them.

Some of these features were available in development mode over the last few releases, but since they are now in the release build, we will do a full roundup and talk about all the Kind features.

  • Kind Installation: Install Kind from the status bar
  • Manage Kind Clusters: Create and manage Kind clusters from Settings > Resources
  • Using Kind: Deploying YAML and sharing images to a cluster
  • Kind Ingress: Install a Contour ingress controller
  • UX and UI Improvements: Updated preferences and telemetry prompt

Podman Desktop 0.14 is now available. Click here to download it!


· 4 min read
Tim deBoer

This release note covers Podman Desktop 0.13 release changes.

  • Podman Version: Podman 4.4.4 now included in Windows and Mac installers.
  • Compose: Support for installing Docker Compose.
  • Extensions: Improved extension support for Podman Desktop with additional capabilities.
  • UX and UI Improvements: Welcome page, task manager, resources, and update alerts.

Podman Desktop 0.13 is now available. Click here to download it!


· 5 min read
Florent Benoit

The 5 things to know being a Docker user by using Podman Desktop:

  • Use a single UI: Podman Desktop works with several container engines, including Docker.
  • The compatibility mode: How to ensure tools are working with Podman instead of Docker.
  • Compose support: How to work with Compose files and Podman.
  • Kubernetes support: How to use Kubernetes with Podman.
  • Security: Use rootless mode or containers without root privileges.


· 5 min read
Stevan Le Meur

This release note covers Podman Desktop 0.12 release changes.

  • Podman Version: Podman 4.4.1 now included in Windows and Mac installers.
  • Containers Configuration: Configure port mappings for an image without exported ports.
  • Windows Home Support: Podman Desktop now supports Windows Home Edition.
  • Start minimized: Option to start Podman Desktop minimized to system tray.
  • UX and UI Improvements: Consistent actions, placeholder for logs, unified icons and others.

Podman Desktop 0.12 is now available. Click here to download it!


· 10 min read
Stevan Le Meur

This release note covers Podman Desktop 0.11 release changes.

  • Air-Gapped Installation: New all-in-one binaries for air-gapped installation.
  • Feedback: Submit feedback directly from Podman Desktop.
  • Docker Compatibility Mode: Information about the Docker compatibility mode.
  • Proxy Setting: Toggle on/off the proxy setting.
  • Deploy to Kubernetes: Select the namespace to deploy to Kubernetes.
  • Registry Configuration: Simplified registry configuration for well known registries.
  • UX/UI Improvements: View pod's container logs, better visual feedback, configurable editor font size, and more.

Podman Desktop 0.11 is now available. Click here to download it!

· 5 min read
Dev Kumar

This release note covers Podman Desktop 0.10 release changes.

  • Containers Configuration: Container creation wizzard allowing to define environment variables, networking and more configuration options.
  • Kubernetes Improvements: Play Kubernetes YAML, custom Kubeconfig path support, reload of kube context.
  • Registries Configuration: Revamped registries configuration UI.
  • Podman Version: Podman 4.3.1 now included in Windows and Mac installers.
  • UX/UI Improvements: Improved lists, better contrast, and more.

Podman Desktop 0.10 is now available. Click here to download it!

· 7 min read
Florent Benoit

GitHub announced last week that Codespaces is available for everyone and it includes free minutes.

Let see how we can use a Development Container having all the tools to build and run Podman Desktop. The Development Container works locally using Visual Studio Code but in this blog post we will see how it works directly with a simple click from GitHub.

The challenges are to run a desktop tool (Podman Desktop) and running a container engine (Podman) inside this Development Container without using too many memory !