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Podman Desktop 1.10 Release

· 5 min read
Tim deBoer

Podman Desktop 1.10 Release! 🎉


This release introduces:

  • 1 Million Downloads!: Wow, we made it!
  • Extension Catalog: Redesigned extensions page and catalog to get the most out of Podman Desktop.
  • Podman 5: Podman 5.0.2 now recommended for all users.
  • Multi-platform Builds: Build for multiple platforms at once.
  • Extension API Improvements: Additional updates to the extension API used by 🦭 Podman Desktop's extensions.

Podman Desktop 1.10 is now available. Click here to download it!

Podman Desktop 1.9 Release

· 7 min read
Florent Benoit
Principal Software Engineer

Podman Desktop 1.9 Release! 🎉


This release introduces: 🦭 a splash of innovation, a wave of excitement, and an ocean of possibilities!

  • Podman 5! Podman 5.0.1 for new users (and as an experimental upgrade for 4.x users).
  • Podman 4.9.4: Podman 4.9.4 is now included in both Windows and macOS installers.
  • Backup/Restore Images: Save images or containers to tar archives and restore them.
  • Kubernetes Pods Terminal: Connect to a terminal within Kubernetes pods.
  • Extension API Improvements: Additional updates to the extension API used by 🦭 Podman Desktop's extensions.

Podman Desktop 1.9 is now available. Click here to download it!

Podman Desktop Wins 2024 DEVIES Award

· 2 min read
Cedric Clyburn
Developer Advocate

We’re honored to announce that Podman Desktop has been recognized with the prestigious 2024 DEVIES Award in the category of Containers & Kubernetes. This award is a testimony to the effectiveness of the Podman Desktop team and greater open-source community's efforts to help developers. Podman Desktop increases developer container workflow efficiency as well as provides an easy transition of applications from containers to Kubernetes, the leading open-source container orchestration platform.

“While Podman Desktop only went into general availability last year, the community response has been very impressive and incredibly gratifying. We are extremely proud to receive this outstanding recognition which celebrates passion, commitment and innovation for shaping the future of container development backed by the vibrant open-source standards that Red Hat supports. ” said Stévan Le Meur, Product Manager on the Podman Desktop team.


What are the DEVIES awards?

The DEVIES Awards, presented by DeveloperWeek, recognize the most innovative and impactful tools, platforms, and technologies in the software development community. Podman Desktop's win as the best innovation in Containers & Kubernetes highlights its significant impact on the industry and its role in revolutionizing the way developers build, ship, and run their applications. DEVIES Award winners are selected from hundreds of nominees by the independent, industry-leading DevNetwork Advisory Board.

Join us in celebrating!

We’re excited to be receiving this award on stage at DeveloperWeek 2024, happening on February 21-23, 2024, in Oakland, CA and February 27-29, 2024 (Virtually). In addition, Red Hat developer advocate Cedric Clyburn will be presenting a session on Podman Desktop, titled “Going from Containers, to Pods, to Kubernetes – Help for Your Developer Environments!”, with a full presentation on Podman, a demonstration of the Podman Desktop experience, and a multi-tier application going from containers, to pods, to finally Kubernetes!

Finally, it would be seal-y to not include and acknowledge that this award was earned by the entire Podman Desktop community of contributors! We also thank the DevNetwork Advisory Board and DeveloperWeek for this honorable award, and for the opportunity to share Podman Desktop's innovations with the greater developer community.

Share your local podman images with the Kubernetes cluster

· 8 min read
Florent Benoit
Principal Software Engineer

As developers we constantly improve and refine our applications. One of the challenges we face is quickly iterating when working with container images and kubernetes deployments/pods.

For example, when we want to try a new image in a kubernetes pod, this image needs to be available on a private/public registry or on the nodes of the kubernetes cluster. Sometimes we need to call extra commands such as kind load docker-image or minikube cache add <image> or publish the image first to a 3rd party registry.

You'll agree that trying out a new image in a Kubernetes pod should be as seamless as building the image itself.

In this blog post, we will explore the best practice for streamlining the image iteration process in Kubernetes with Podman Desktop.