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Adding icons

Podman Desktop allows extensions to register custom icons that can be used for resources based on certain condition defined by a when clause.

For example, the Kind extension register a custom icons by using the following instruction.

"icons": {
"kind-icon": {
"description": "Kind icon",
"default": {
"fontPath": "kind-icon.woff2",
"fontCharacter": "\\EA01"

We restrict the format to the Web Open Font Format 2 (aka woff2) to use icons as text, to keep consistency across the UI, as the color and size is managed by Podman-Desktop.

Creating a .woff2 file

You probably have an existing .svg file that you want to use, to make it possible you can use the tool svgiconfont made by @nfroidure.

To ensure the produced .woff2 file contains the expected characters you created from your svg file(s). You can use the tool to visualize it.


To find the fontCharacter where your icons has been saved, you can search inside the FontForge tool by the name of the svg file you used.