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Creating a local Kind-powered Kubernetes cluster

You can create multiple local Kind-powered Kubernetes clusters.



  1. Go to Settings > Resources

  2. In the Kind tile, click on the Create new ... button.

  3. Choose your options, and click the Create button.

    The defaults are:

    • Name: kind-cluster
    • Provider Type: podman
    • HTTP Port: 9090
    • HTTPS Port: 9443
    • Setup an ingress controller (Contour Enabled
    • Node’s container image (Available image tags on kind/releases): Left empty to use latest.
  4. (Optionally) Click the Show logs button to display the logs.

  5. After successful creation, click on the Go back to resources button


  1. In Settings > Resources, in the Kind tile, your <kind-cluster> instance is running.
  2. In the Podman Desktop tray, open the Kubernetes menu, you can set the context to your Kind cluster: kind-<kind-cluster>.