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Configuring access to a Developer Sandbox

The Developer Sandbox is a free, private OpenShift environment including one project and a resource quota of 14 GB RAM, and 40 GB storage. It lasts 30 days.

With Podman Desktop, you can configure access to your Developer Sandbox instances.



  1. Install the Developer Sandbox extension: go to Dashboard, and click Developer Sandbox .
  2. Go to Settings > Resources.
  3. In the Developer Sandbox tile, click Create new.
  4. In the Create a Developer Sandbox screen, click Log into Developer Sandbox.
  5. In the Open external website dialog, click Yes.
  6. In the Developer Sandbox website:
    1. Click Start your sandbox for free
    2. If you never used this service, you might get through a verification workflow.
    3. In the Login with... screen, click DevSandbox.
    4. In your Developer Sandbox Console, click on your login name > Copy login command from the menu.
    5. In the Login with... screen, click DevSandbox.
    6. Click Display Token.
    7. Copy the Log in with this token full login command, similar to: oc login --token=sha256~<token> --server=https://api.sandbox-m2.<sandbox_id>
  7. Get back to Podman Desktop Create a Developer Sandbox screen.
    1. Context name: Enter a name such as Developer Sandbox.
    2. Login command: Paste the oc login command that you copied previously.
  8. The Creation screen displays Successful operation. Click Go back to Resources.


  1. On the Settings > Resources screen, your Developer Sandbox is running.

    Developer Sandbox is running

  2. Select your Developer Sandbox in the Podman Desktop tray

  3. Run basic tasks such as: