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Troubleshooting OpenShift Local

You can find here troubleshooting help for issues specific to OpenShift Local.

  1. To verify that your user can run crc, verify that the crc binary is available in the user PATH (/usr/local/bin/crc on macOS and Linux).

  2. To verify that the host is ready to run OpenShift Local, in a terminal, run this command and verify the output has no errors:

    $ crc setup --check-only

    Sample output:

    INFO Using bundle path <bundle_path>
    INFO Checking if running as non-root
    INFO Checking if running inside WSL2
    INFO Checking if crc-admin-helper executable is cached
    crc-admin-helper executable is not cached
  3. To verify the configured preset, in a terminal, run:

    $ crc config get preset